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I’ve known Mariah for years…I’ve watched her grow up from a tween to a teen to a beautiful young woman with a contagious smile. So when she contacted me about formal bridal portraits, I was beyond excited to work with her and her fiancé.


I met up with the bride and groom a few days before their wedding to capture some formal portraits. I hadn’t met Ladd before, and was interested to see what the young man who had stolen our former babysitter’s heart was like. He and Mariah are a perfect match. They spent the whole session giggling and joking with each other. They eagerly told me about their plans for their wedding day…their ceremony at the St George LDS Temple and the reception to be held the following day at the Stone Gate Weddings and Events building in Pleasant Grove.

bride + groom

Mariah chose a simple, but elegant dress as her wedding gown. Ladd wore a traditional tuxedo. Together they were picture perfect!



Congratulations to you both, Mariah and Ladd! Best wishes on your new life together as husband and wife!

Times and Seasons

clock_gray_wren_photographyFair warning…this post has very little to do with photography.

Anyone who knows me well knows that one of my favorite movies of all time is “You’ve Got Mail”. In fact, it is a movie I know so well that my sister and I quote it to each other via text message whenever one of us is watching it. The witty dialogue is engrained in my vocabulary and involuntarily pops up in my life on a regular basis. And the scene when Kathleen Kelly is closing up her little bookstore for the last time never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

Today I feel a little bit like Kathleen…closing up a chapter in my life that I have loved and moving forward…”marching into the unknown armed with…nothing. (Have a sandwich.)”

Today I taught my last regular SilverSneakers class. I’ll still be a substitute from time to time, but for now I am stepping away from group fitness instruction and, I have to admit, it feels a little weird. I’ve taught the wonderful, amazing, lovely senior citizens in my SilverSneakers class for about 5 years, many of them for the entire time that I taught the class. I’ve seen some of them face illness, severe auto accidents, loss of children or spouses, and the general effects of aging. They’ve given me advice on parenting, celebrated the birth of my son with me, and taught me how to talk to people. I am the photographer that I am today because of my SilverSneakers people and I have loved it more than any other class that I have ever taught!

So then why am I stepping away from teaching? It all comes down to times and seasons. For the past few months I have felt a distinct need to simplify my life. The needs of my family have changed and my own needs have changed. My son will begin preschool in the fall…he has some unique challenges, which leads to attending specialized preschools. My daughters will soon be old enough that hanging out with mom will no longer be the cool thing to do. I need to take advantage of this window of time. So something needed to go. I evaluated my options and faced the truth. Not only can I not do everything, but I don’t have to do everything. I could let something go. And that was it. The hardest and easiest decision, all at once.

Maybe someday I will go back to it. I surely don’t know what the future holds, but if what is to come is anything like what I just left, I look forward to it.

A Monday To-Do List

Mondays always get a bad rap. They’re the grim reaper of the weekend, the dark shadow of the coming week looming on the horizon of Sunday evenings. When things go wrong on Monday, the day gets the blame…”It must be Monday.” It’s a good thing that days don’t have feelings…Monday would always feel quite put upon if they did.

I actually like Mondays. They usher in the return of the weekly routine after the spontaneity of the weekend. It’s a new beginning…a renewal of priorities and projects. This is what I am looking forward to this week:

-Spring Break! No school means a more flexible morning with (hopefully) a little less whining and hunting for misplaced items. My kids each got a new book in their Easter basket, so I am looking forward to a lot of reading for fun in their schedule. We’re also on the hunt for fun things to do close to home, so if you have suggestions, shout them out in the comments below!

-Posting more from this beautiful bridal session in American Fork/Highland:provo_utah_wedding_photograher_bridals_Highland_American_Fork


-Editing two phenomenal senior sessions…there’s still time to get in on the Spring Senior Special! You can find the details here.

provo_Salt_lake_city_senior_photographer_utah (1 of 1)-2


-Shooting a senior session for twins (!), a family session, and (fingers crossed that the weather cooperates) a styled session that I have been working on. Spring weather is always so unpredictable.

-Getting closer to finishing up the new website. I am so looking forward to launching it…my goal is to have it up and running by May 1st. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Ready to get started with a clean slate? I know I am! What are you looking forward to accomplishing this week?





Kevin + Savanna — Salt Lake Temple and Wadley Farms

It was a frigid December day when Kevin and Savanna were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, but the weather was a very different story when they met each other one summer day in Texas. Kevin met Savanna through his roommate during a summer job. Their friendship grew as the months went on, but the summer job ended and Kevin moved back to Provo, Utah. Luckily for both of them, Savanna ended up attending school in the same area. Friendship continued into courtship, leading all of us to join them on their happy day in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, and the historic Salt Lake Temple.









That evening, Kevin and Savanna welcomed their families and friends to a Texas themed reception at Wadley Farms in Lindon, Utah. After being greeted by the bride and groom, the guests enjoyed hot cocoa, a popcorn buffet, and other goodies. The evening finished up with an awesome dance party (Kevin’s mom informed me that Kevin and his six siblings have been having weekly dance parties for ages) before Kevin and Savanna drove off into the night! All in all, it was a fabulous evening full of fun, happiness, and memories to last a lifetime!







Locations: Salt Lake LDS Temple, Wadley Farms, Lindon Utah

Bride’s makeup by Whitney Eyre of Eyre Blush

Announcing announcements! The Graduating Senior Event is here!

salt_lake_provo_senior_photographer_2Psst! Hey you! Yes, you…the high school senior with a backpack full of heavy textbooks and AP notes. Or you, the high school senior with sports gear that seems to have taken up permanent residence in the trunk of the family car. Or you, the parent of a high school senior with calendars and to-do lists coming out of your ears. Are you aware that graduation is a mere 2 1/2 months away?

How would you like to take care of senior graduation portraits and have a customized announcement that is ready to print, all in one package? Yes? I thought so…let’s talk.

During the month of March and April, all senior portraits sessions will include a customized graduation announcement!


I have a variety of styles to choose from and they are all customizable…I can change the colors, fonts, and text easily. So what are you waiting for? The clock’s a tickin’! Let’s get your senior portraits taken care of!



Crunching numbers? Session details are below:

Mini Session: $100 = 30 minute session, 5-10 edited images printable up to 8×12 and a mobile photo album. One location, one clothing ensemble.

Classic Session: $225 = 1 hour session, 20-30 edited images printable up to 8×12, 5 full size images of your choice, and a mobile photo album. Up to three locations and clothing ensembles.

Call Alicia at 801-503-5024 to book your senior portrait session today! Sessions are limited, so leave the procrastinating to the juniors and jump on this great offer!







Are you a Black Friday shopper? Do you get an adrenaline rush from waking up early and running out to compete for door buster deals at 3 am?

I have to admit that I don’t. Don’t get me wrong…I love getting a good deal, but I love sleep more. You’re not here to hear about my love of sleep though…you are here for this:

Black Friday Ad

Yes, you read that right. From this Friday, November 28 until next Friday, December 5, you can purchase a gift certificate for an hour long portrait session for just $100. That’s 50% off the value of these babies!

Here’s what the gift certificate includes:
1 hour Portrait Session
20-30 full resolution edited images on a flash drive
Wardrobe consultation (via email, skype, in person, even texting works!)
Mobile Photo Album app for smart phones and tablets

How do you get in on this deal? It’s super easy. Email me at to let me know you want in on this amazing offer and how many gift certificates you want to purchase. I will send you an invoice via PayPal. You will have 24 hours from the time I send the invoice to pay up. As soon as I receive notification that the payment has cleared, I will send you the gift certificates. Easy peasy. I’ll even use cute packaging so you can gift them. Perfect for parents, yourself, grandparents, yourself, expectant parents, siblings, yourself…the list is endless. You can even use them toward weddings (as in one gift certificate covers one hour of shooting time).

There are a few little tiny restrictions that I will put here, though. There is a limit of 3 per customer. They may not be resold or redeemed for cash. Travel and/or location fees are not included. And all sales are final.

If you have questions about this amazing deal, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I’d love to answer them. Also, I can guarantee that my gift certificates will never be such an incredible price again, so feel free to spread the word (after you’ve snatched up your share, of course!)

Happy Black Friday shopping…and for this deal, you don’t even have to wake up at 3 am.

That’s My Jam…

A few weeks ago I was sitting next to my husband on the subway in New York City. We were on our way out of Midtown Manhattan to meet some friends of ours in Brooklyn so I could take some family portraits of them while I was in town. Suddenly my husband asked, “So when you go on photo shoots, do you psych yourself up by listening to the theme from “Rocky” or anything?” The question made me laugh, because I actually do listen to a certain type of music as I drive to my portrait sessions…not the “Rocky” theme, but music that boosts my energy and puts me in a good mood. Here are my top 5 energy boost songs (in no particular order):

1. “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic. I love the driving beat from the drum and the piano. This song also gives me the overwhelming urge to play the tambourine. Do you think a person needs lessons to learn how to play the tambourine? Just curious.

2. “Elevation” by U2. Confession: I have several remixes of this, but my favorite is the Influx Remix. This song gives me the urge to run, take a kickboxing class, and then do yoga, all in about 4 minutes. Now if I really could accomplish all of that in 4 minutes, I would do that workout several times every day. Talk about an energy boosting song!

3. “Gospel” by MarchFourth Marching Band. My husband dug around to find this song after we heard it in “Monsters University”. Let’s face it…marching band music is meant to get your cheering section on, and this song gets me going every time! There’s also an awesome section in the middle with a gospel choir that makes my heart happy…happy heart=happy face=happy photographer=happy portraits.

4. “Love You Madly” by Cake. I remember the first time I heard this song. I heard it on another photographer’s website and immediately fell in love with it, so I ran off to purchase the mp3. I was so excited to have my husband listen to it, only to learn that not only had he already heard the song, but we already owned the mp3. At least it wasn’t an expensive purchase, right? Anyway, I love the bass line on this song…it’s so groovy!

5. “I Like to Move It” by Will.I.Am. I know this is a pretty drastic departure from my other top 5, but the truth is that this song does make me want to move it move it. Another awesome bass line, quick tempo, high energy song. Admit it, you are singing it in your head right now (and maybe even grooving out, too).


I admit it was hard to narrow this down to 5…there are other songs that fit well into my psych-up category, but these were the first to come to mind. What about you? Do you use music to give yourself an energy boost before an important meeting or activity? If so, what are your favorites? Feel free to put them in the comments…I’d love to try them out!

From one of my favorite family shoots this summer:

Curtis-web (1 of 41)

Gray Wren Photography

Curtis-web (11 of 41)

Gray Wren Photography

Gray Wren Photography Family Photography Lindon Utah

Gray Wren Photography


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